Monthly fee normally $49.95 (excl. GST) per month. Cancel anytime. 

Selling Fees

When your item sells, Amazon collects the amount paid by the buyer (including the item price and any shipping, or other charges).

Referral Fees

Sellers pay a referral fee on each item sold. Items in several categories have a per-item minimum referral fee (i.e., sellers pay the greater of the referral fee or the per-item minimum referral fee).

View details for referral fees here

Closing Fees

For each media item (Books, Music, Video, DVD, Software and Video Game products) that is sold, Sellers also pay a closing fee.

Fulfilment by Amazon

For products that Amazon fulfils for you, in addition to the Selling on Amazon fees, you will be charged fees for order fulfilment, storage and optional services. See Fulfilment by Amazon fees page for more information or learn more about Fulfilment by Amazon.

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Monthly subscription fee

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